BUSTIN SNIPER FIVE-O WHEELS -66mm / 80a (set of 4)


BUSTIN SNIPER FIVE-O WHEELS -66mm / 80a (set of 4)


Bustin Sniper Five-O Wheels - 66mm/80a

66mm diameter with a 47mm contact patch. Square lip shape offers more grip through corners while the stone ground surface slides consistently from day one. The large contact patch provides a smooth roll and is a little more resistant to flatspotting. Five-O thane slides like sugar butter over all types of pavement and is sure to leave its mark on your stoke and the road, all at once.


  • Diameter – 66mm
  • Contact Patch – 47mm
  • Stone Ground/Pre-Broken In – Yes
  • Thane Lines – Fck Yeah!
  • Lips – Square
  • Core Placement – Offset
  • Uses – Medium to fast freeride + moderate downhill.
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